Various club activities enhanced the knowledge of student teachers.  Through the club activities they received convergent and divergent thinking process.

     The inauguration of  Veeramamunivar Tamil club , FLBA English literary club, Ramanujam mathematics club, QUESTA”Physical science club ,THE FACTOLOGISTS’ TEAM” biological science club, Ashoka history club, Voice commerce club were held on 30-1-2016. Mrs. Jeyanthirani, Head Ministress, Govt. Girls High School, Cheranmahadevi was the chief guest. In her inaugural address, she pointed out the objectives, needs, importance and the uses of conducting club activities.

     The “QUESTA” Physical Science Club and “THE FACTOLOGISTS’ TEAM” biological science club were conducted their club activities on 19.03.2016 at 2.00 pm. Our principal Dr.P.Annaraja gave a talk on innovations in Science and Technology.  Mr. Sundar Raj MSW, SCAD Rural Development, was the chief guest. In his address he gave a detailed lecture on water management.  Then the students presented programmes like mime, poem reciting and connection game based on the theme ‘Save Water’.

     On 16.04.16 the Voice Commerce Club conducted an awareness creating programme on ‘Share Trading’. Mr. V.Paul Sudahar, Assistant professor, SCAD College of Engineering and Technology was the Chief Guest. His talk was an inspirational and very informative. To entertain the students, an excellent skit based on ‘Consumer awareness’ was performed by the commerce students.

     On 28.04.2016 a programme of creating awareness for voting was conducted by Kanisha History club in our college auditorium. Mrs. S.Kalyani Assistant Professor of History gave an inspirational talk on ‘Voters awareness’ in order to create awareness to our student teachers. To insist the importance of voting, the students conducted cultural programmes like mime, skit and Quiz.

    On 18.04.16 a programme was organised by FLBA English Club students in our college auditorium. Mr. Raghuman, Assistant Professor, SCAD College of Engineering and Technology was the chief guest. He talked about the need and importance of communication skills especially for teachers. Then a meaningful mime was performed by the student teachers based on the theme of misusing of mobile phones.

     On 30.04.2016 the Ramanujam Mathematics club activities were conducted based on the theme of “Mathematics Everywhere” in our college auditorium. Mr. Myden Pichai, Assistant Professor, SCAD Teacher Training Institute was the Chief Guest. A skit and a wonderful dance were performed by the mathematics students.

     On 29.04.16 a debate was conducted by the Veeramamunivar Tamil club in our auditorium. Dr.A.Kanthasamy, Assistant Professor, Kamaraj College, thoothukudi was the chief guest and acted as the judge for the debate titled as rKjhag; ghh;itapy; ghujpapd; fdT edthfpAs;sjh? ,y;iyah?. A meaningful skit was performed by the Tamil students.