Educational Psychology Lab

Well equipped with Tachitoscope, Illusion Boards, Winding, Reflex Apparatus, Tweezer, Dexterity Boards, Electrical Duration Of Attention Board, Electrical Learning Maze,  Cup and ball equipment and Many more Inventories

Educational Technology Lab

Well equipped with Interactive White Board, L.C.D Projector, Over head Projector, Automatic Slide Projector, Television, V.C.D, Portable wireless mic   and Good audio systems

 Language Lab

Our college language lab have the capacity of 30 work students and Designed to provide Phonetics correction, Strengthen communication Skills.

Computer Lab

Our Computer lab has the latest machines networked with modern facilities and loaded with the latest software’s running on it

Science Lab

The science lab is designed to cater to the prescribed science curriculum. The lab has all standard equipment and apparatus for conducting the required experiments for Physical Science and Bio-Science